Posted by: cindystephenson | December 2, 2009

Why Tiger Woods should ‘fess up and get on with it

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has been in the news lately – for all the wrong reasons.

And he has so far offered no real explanation for the bizarre circumstances surrounding his car crash early Friday morning.

Many are curious, but say he is entitled to the privacy he has requested.  I disagree.

Tiger Woods reportedly earns $110 million (US) a year in endorsements. Everything from his own line of Nike clothing, TAG Heuer watches, Gillette razors, NetJet planes, to Gatorade sports drinks. I believe he owes it to his sponsors to explain the events that occurred and address the issues, or risk tarnishing his own brand and those of his sponsors. Broadcast networks may be impacted as well, particularly if he pulls out of more tournaments.

The longer he waits, the harder it will be to turn things around. The story will continue to gather momentum, and be a bigger story than it has to be.

In PR lingo this is called taking control of the story and getting out in front of the issue. By not talking, he is allowing others to speculate on what happened and dominate the conversation. Quick response is key.

Tiger would do well to take a page out of David Letterman’s playbook. Instead of a vague statement that left many questions unanswered, Letterman broke the story about his own infidelity and even cracked a few jokes at his own expense.

Photo credit: Getty Images

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  1. Hi Cindy,

    The controversy was about golf then I would agree that Tiger’s team need to strategically determine how to control the public’s consumption. Tiger’s personal life- good or bad is nobody’s business. It’s absurd that his troubles dominate the headlines.

  2. Hi Kathreen,

    A lot of people agree with you and I think most would be willing to cut him some slack. However, the fact that he has accepted millions of dollars in endorsements partly based on his “squeaky clean” image means he owes it to his sponsors to clear the air and try to get this off the front page. He’s stalling which is only making it worse.

    Thanks for commenting 😉 Cindy

  3. I think the guy must have some sort of sex addiction, especially now that all these other women are popping out of his golf bag.

    I feel so sorry for his wife, who’s hot and makes you wonder why the moron had to stray in the first place, and kids.

  4. It looks as if she’s now going to be filing for divorce. I feel for her as well. Cindy

  5. In golf you can carry fourteen clubs in your bag. Perhaps Tiger should have left the fifteenth where it belongs.

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