Posted by: cindystephenson | November 26, 2009

How to get more traffic through the images in your blog post

Images are an important component of your blog post because they add interest, often reinforcing your written message.  They’re also a way to attract the search engines to your site.

When you upload a photo to your blog, most blog systems will give you the option of adding an alternative title. Often the existing title, if you’re importing a photo you’ve found on Flickr for example, is just a string of numbers.

I’ve tended to skip over this step, but won’t anymore, after hearing Ross Dunn’s SEO presentation to our Social Media Club last night.

The problem according to Ross is that a string of numbers is not search engine friendly.

You’re better off to use a more descriptive title such as:

  • image of man reading newspaper, or
  • picture of person at computer.

Man reading newspaper

There’s a much greater chance that this will get picked up by sites such as Google.  And in addition to the SEO benefits of a descriptive title,  visitors to your site who have images turned off will appreciate it, as will those who use assistive technology to surf the net.

Use a title that’s meaningful, and don’t stuff it with keywords.

With your images appropriately titled, people searching for specific images may end up coming to your site. If it’s inviting and your popular posts are easy to find, there’s a good chance these passersby may stay and look around.

Good luck, and I hope this gets your blog some additional traction.

Photo credit: pedrosimoes7

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  1. Hi Cindy,

    I love using images on my blog, and would love to incorporate more, but I haven’t yet quite developed a good attribution system. When using images from Flickr, for example, is it necessary to get permission? I don’t want to be stealing others’ content — then again, content is arguably on Flickr so it can be shared.

    • Hi Nathan,

      You can definitely use any photos on Flickr in the Creative Commons section. This is the section where Flickr users have added a Creative Commons license to their photostream. There are different levels of attribution, and they walk you through that on the main Creative Commons page. Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Hi Cindy,

    Thanks for clearing that up. I’ll definitely check out the Creative Commons next time! And same to you!

  3. Hi Cindy,

    I didn’t know this advantage of labeling photos for search purposes..I’m going to remember this in my next post. Sorry I missed another informative meeting.

    • Hi Kathreen,

      It’d be worth to go back and do it on some previous posts. You have some great photos on your Digital Perspectives blog. 🙂
      Hope you’re feeling better. Cindy

  4. thank u so much
    nice site

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