Posted by: cindystephenson | November 24, 2009

How to manage your social media time effectively

One question that often comes up when people get involved with social media is, “Where should I spend my time?” Like anything new, it can seem rather daunting at first, just trying to get up to speed.

Rest assured, many of us are in the same boat. And as popular as social media is, those of us involved are still the early adopters.Yes, there’s lots to learn, but it’s also a great time to jump in and get involved.

In a recent post Chris Brogan came up with a handy formula on how to divide your time:

  • 1/4 for listening: This involves setting aside time to read other blogs and find out what others in your niche or line of business are saying. This is how you find out what’s on the horizon, and get inspiration for your own posts.
  • 1/2 for connecting: This involves leaving comments on other blogs, tweeting links to articles you like, and sharing items on sites such as Digg, Delicious, Stumble Upon and Friend Feed.
  • 1/4 for creating: Creating content is every bit as important as connecting. This can involve anything from setting up a blog, posting photos about a recent event to Flickr, or posting something funny you’ve read on Tumblr.

I think Chris is spot on in terms of his suggestions for allocating time.

My personal strategy is to try to read 25 blog posts a day (through my Google Reader account), participate in Twitter and leave comments on 2-3 blog posts a day, and post to this blog twice a week.

What about you – where do you spend your time? do you feel there are places within social media NOT worth spending your time on?

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  1. Nice summary Cindy. And, thanks for sharing your WordCamp presentation – sorry I missed it on the event day. Being a relative newbie myself to social media, I agree with your and Chris’ overall time allotments. The biggest challenge I find is deciding how to subdivide the time – e.g., if I’m reading 25 blogs, which should I leave a comment on? How much does feel/intuition come into play? And how much will personal experience alter things in the future? I’m guessing how I spend my time in 6 or 9 months will probably look quite different (even if overall allotments stay close) than the way I’m doing it now! Cheers, Ben

    • Hi Ben,

      Thanks for stopping by. I agree your perspective will change. Lately I find after reading a post by an “A” list blogger that I’m more inclined to scroll through the comments, find one that is interesting, and go to that person’s blog and leave a comment there. They’re more inclined to answer back than the original blogger who might have received 50+ comments. I’ve found some interesting blogs and met some neat people that way. Cheers, Cindy

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