Posted by: cindystephenson | November 21, 2009

Tips on getting your message out effectively – from my presentation at WordCamp

This is the third of three posts based on my presentation at WordCamp Victoria. You can view all of the slides on Slide Share here.

How to get your message out effectively:

Writing effectively with a clear message will help signal to your readers what your blog is about. If you peak their interest with an enticing headline and offer them something of value, they are more likely to read your post. No mean feat given how hard it is to catch someone’s attention these days.

Here are some suggestions to make sure you get read:

Focus on your reader: Ask yourself, before each and every post, “Will this appeal to my readers? Why should they care? How will they benefit?”

Know what you want to say: Rather than sitting down at the keyboard to immediately craft your post, take a few moments to think about what it is you want to say. That will help you focus and narrow down your topic. Personally I like to put pen to paper and do up a very rough draft long hand. Once I’m at the computer it goes very quickly, since its almost like a second draft. That’s my style – do what works best for you.  I admire those who can just sit down at the computer and write.

Write a good headline: According to Brian Clark of Copyblogger, eight out of ten people will read your headline, but only two out of ten will read your post. He has put together an awesome series of posts on writing killer headlines over on his blog.

Keep it short and simple:  Follow the KISS principle – keeping your posts short and simple, with one idea per post. There’s nothng wrong with a 200 word post, particularly when you’re trying to build up the content on your site.

Be your own editor: Use simple everyday words, and cut out unnecessary words. Instead of “accomplish” use the word “do”; instead of “endeavour”, use “do”; and instead of “utilize”, consider replacing that with “use”

Appearance matters: Layout and white space is just as important online as it is in print publications. Images add interest. Subheadings and highlighted text help readers quickly scan your post.

More resources: I highly recommend checking out Brian Clark of Copyblogger. You’ll find some great posts on plain writing, landing pages, keywords, and headlines. Another resource is Garr Reynolds of Presentation Zen. He focuses on – of all things – presentations. The info there will help you with your blog. One example is his post on photo sources.

Photo credit: Unhindered by Talent

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  2. увидел вот информацию о йоге не знаю позаниматься

  3. Couldn’t agree more Cindy. Keep it simple, get to the point, and don’t forget, if you’re trying to sell something, then a good call to action at the end – with some ungency.

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