Posted by: cindystephenson | October 29, 2009

Liking Google Reader’s new ‘sort by magic’ feature


I confess to having 1000+ items in my Google Reader feed right now. It’s been like that for awhile, and not surprising given how much time I’m spending on Twitter lately.  And to be honest I’ll never actually get to them all.  Which is too bad, because there’s some amazing content on the web these days.

So I was really happy when Google introduced ‘sort by magic’ as an option for presenting the items in my feed.

Of course it’s not actually ‘magic’, but based on an algorithm calculated from the articles I ‘star’ and ‘share’. According to Google, this sorting will get better the more I use it. Based on my experience with it so far, it’s pretty good. (I’ve ended up starring many of the posts I’ve read in the last few days.)

I’ve written about Google Reader before. If you don’t have an account, I’d encourage you to set one up. Then once you have an account, whenever you come across a blog you like, you can go to Google Reader, type the name of the blog into the *add subscription* box, and – PRESTO – you’re subscribed. It’s easier than RSS.

Then as the number of items in your feed increases, you can select ‘sort by magic’ and see what comes to the top. Guaranteed, you’ll see some pretty interesting stuff.

Curious to know what you think and welcome your comments.

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  1. I, too, love Google Reader. I had not seen the “sort by magic” feature yet. I’ll have to try it out! I’m also putting your blog in my reader right away. 🙂

    • Hi Deborah,

      Thanks so much for stopping by.


  2. I’ve just noticed it now – it’s pretty cool! Also didn’t know I could just type the name of the blog into the Subscription field – nice find!

    • Hi Christian,

      Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Is there a way to make all feeds/folders do this, instead of changing them one by one?

    • Hi Blake,

      I’m pretty sure that if you select *all items* it will pull from all your feeds/folders.

      Thanks for stopping by,


      • I sorted my “All Items” view by magic, but then if I open up a different folder or individual feed, each one is still sorted chronologically.

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