Posted by: cindystephenson | October 28, 2009

Following conferences using Twitter hashtags

Sarah Wurrey - SNCR 2007

This tweet popped up in my Twitter stream today from Joe Thornley, CEO of Thornley Fallis ( @thornley):

I’m going to be at the #SNCR Research Symposium in Boston next week. Let me know if you’re attending.

Earlier this month, Joe was posting updates to Twitter and his blog from the Managing Social Media Conference using the #CdnInst Twitter hashtag. Searching on that hashtag today, the following popped up from Jason Stobbe (who goes by @ZackLi):

ZackLi “Managing Social Media” Conference archive complete! #CdnInst

I also noticed Eden Spodek tweeting about PodCamp Montreal in September and using the #pcmtl hashtag. I thought she was at the conference in Montreal. It turns out she was in Toronto but following the livestream. She tweeted me the link, and I watched a great presentation by Kim Vallee on her top tips for bloggers.

So what’s my point?

With concerns over budget and our carbon footprint, it’s getting harder to travel to conferences. That’s not likely to change in the short term. But through the magic of Twitter, you can find out about them and get a good sense of what’s going on by following the hashtags.

How does it work?

Everyone at the conference, or in Joe’s case anyone who is planning to attend, and tweets about it, includes the hashtag with their post.  #SNCR is the hashtag for Society for New Communication Research. I’m not able to go, but given my interest in the topic, I’ll be following his and others tweets with interest.

Photo credit: Doug Haslam took this photo of Sarah Wurrey of Media Bullseye at SNCR 2007


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