Posted by: cindystephenson | October 15, 2009

My Top Ten List of Notable Environmental Sites on the Web – Check Them Out!

Blog Action Day 2009:

Each year Blog Action Day chooses a compelling issue and encourages bloggers worldwide to write on that topic. Their goal is to help focus everyone’s attention on that issue.

This year’s issue is Climate Change.

I’ve chosen to profile ten popular and notable environmental sites that you may want to check out: is an international grassroots movement focussing on the number 350 – as in parts per million. That’s the level scientists have set as the safe upper limit for CO2 in our atmosphere.

In order to unite the public, media, and our political leaders behind the 350 goal, they’re harnessing the power of the internet to coordinate a planetary day of action on October 24, 2009. Find out what they’ve got underway.

Green Tweets

Mashable has compiled a list of 75+ environmentalists to follow on Twitter, via Cameron Chapman.  In addition,  Twitter’s #EcoMonday hashtag — the environmental equivalent of #FollowFriday, in which Twitter users suggest “green” tweeters to follow and share green news and info — has grown into a regular trending topic every Monday.

Climate Debate Daily

Climate Debate Daily collects news and stories from both sides of the global warming debate – juxtaposed – plus a host of other useful resources, links and information.

Skeptical Science

Skeptical Science

A blog by former Australian physicist John Cook, devoted to debunking the arguments of globalwarming skeptics.

DeSmog Blog

DeSmogBlog exists to clear the PR pollution that is clouding the science on climate change – to shine the light on techniques and tactics that reflect badly on the PR industry and are, ultimately, bad for the planet. It’s led by Jim Hoggan, founder of the Vancouver PR firm, James Hoggan and Associates.  He’s also recently released Climate Cover-up: the Crusade to Deny Global Warming:

climate cover up

EcoGeek: Technology for the Environment

This news site, founded by Hank Green, explores the symbiosis between nature and technology.

Worldchanging: Change your Thinking

worldchanging is a nonprofit media organization headquartered in Seattle, WA, that comprises a global network of independent journalists, designers and thinkers. They cover the world’s most innovative solutions to the planet’s problems, and inspire readers with ideas for building a bright green future.

Inhabitat is a blog devoted to the future of design. It tracks innovations in technology, practices and materials that are pushing architecture and home design towards a smarter and more sustainable future.

Find out, for example, about eco-friendly batteries that derive energy from naturally occurring bacteria in soil. If the product takes off, these batteries could provide power for people in Africa who lack access to electricity.

Time Lapse Videos of Massive Changes on Earth

From, here are a few time lapse videos, compiled from images posted on NASA’s Earth Observatory, of some of the most impressive conquests of man over environment.


Grist serves up environmental news and commentary tongue-in-cheek.  Run by a nonprofit group based in Seattle, they take their work seriously, but not themselves. Their clever writing and wit makes for an interesting read.

So there you have it. Climate change is a very pressing issue and each one of these sites helps draw attention to it and shape discussion in a positive way. I hope I’ve inspired you to check some of these out. Let me know what you think.



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