Posted by: cindystephenson | September 16, 2009

Joe Solomon speaking at Victoria’s upcoming Social Media Club

While most of us are still catching our breath after a very successful Twestival Local, the next big social media event for Victoria is just around the corner.

And what an event it promises to be!!

Self-described conversation starter, local & global community organizer, and change catalyst Joe Solomon is our featured guest at our next Social Media Club.

Joe Solomon

Joe strives to help non profits, organizations and communities leverage social media and web tools to better address local and global challenges.

You can get a sense of what Joe is about here.

Joe’s presentation will be followed by a panel discussion featuring:

I think non profit groups in particular will come away with some useful ideas and strategies around using the web to effect social change.

I’ll be covering the event so you can come back here later for highlights and some photos.

Event details:

Where? Ambrosia Catering and Event Centre, 638 Fisgard Street, Victoria

When? 6:45 – 9:00 pm, Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cost? $3 – $5 for donation to a local food bank

Want the back chat on this event?

Janis La Couvee is the driving force behind bringing Joe to Victoria, and timing is everything. Joe was booked to lead a four-day Web of Change conference on Cortez Island Sept 23 – 27. Janis connected with him on Twitter, they chatted back and forth, et voila!

Please help spread the word about this event, and we hope to see you on Tuesday!

Photo credit: Tris Hussey



  1. I wold love to go if I lived in Victoria. You make it sound so interesting.

    • Hey Lorena,

      Thanks for stopping by!


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