Posted by: cindystephenson | September 3, 2009

Does someone you love text while they drive?

texting and driving

I’ll admit to occasionally talking on my cell phone when driving. I’ve also checked my messages while waiting for the light to change.

However, I’ve not yet sent a text message while driving.

It is on the increase though – enough that we should be concerned.

A British study found that texting impairs drivers more than drinking:

Motorists who send text messages while driving are “significantly more impaired” than those who drive drunk, even at the minimum legal limit for alcohol, according to the study.

The study also suggested that 19 percent of motorists said they texted while driving.

The study came on the heels of reports that texting was to blame when a commuter train slammed head-on into a freight train in Los Angeles killing 25 people.

In my home province of British Columbia, the provincial government announced recently that it plans to ban texting while driving.

Wales police and school officials are so concerned they’ve produced a documentary – it’s very graphic and compelling – so graphic that YouTube is now prohibiting anyone from embedding it in their post – however you can follow the link below to the original trailer:

The film that will stop you from texting and driving

The bottom line – most people can’t text while walking down the street – why would you do it while driving?!?


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