Posted by: cindystephenson | July 8, 2009

Tennis pros on Twitter

When the Daily Mail reported that Travis Parrot and three other doubles players at Wimbledon were thought to have the H1N1 swine flu, Travis Parrot went on Twitter:

Can you guys do me a favor? Go to that article and leave a comment that I have confirmed on twitter that don’t have swine flu.7:28 PM Jun 30th from TwitterBerry

…he later tweeted the same message to Andy Roddick, Jim Courier, Bob Bryan, BBC Sportsworld, and finally to CNN.


And the day after Andy Roddick played his marathon match against Roger Federer in the gentlemen’s final at Wimbledon, where he held serve thirty-seven times before he was finally broken in the 30th game of the fifth set, he tweeted to his fans:

thanks for all the support and well wishes!! it is very much appreciated and we will get out there and do it again soon! thank you!!!9:37 PM Jul 5th from web

thanks again for all the responses!! all is good .. sun came up today 🙂 all the support has been overwhelming and humbling!!4:29 PM Jul 6th from web

Here’s a list, in alphabetical order, of the tennis players on Twitter that I’ve come up with so far:

Amer Delic: @AmerDelic

Andy Murray: @andy_murray

Andy Roddick: @andyroddick

Bob Bryan: @Bryanbros

Jim Courier: @jimcourier

Sabine Lisicki: @sabinelisicki

Sam Querrey: @samquerrey

Serena Williams: @serenajwilliams

Travis Parrott: @TravisParrott

Venus Williams: @venuseswilliams

Check out some of these Twitter feeds. You don’t need a Twitter account to view their pages. But if you do sign up and decide to send them a tweet, who knows, they may even tweet you back.

Want more? Jockipedia is a recently launched social media database of pro athletes. It profiles +3,500 athletes from a variety of sports and where available, has links to their personal blog, Twitter feed, Facebook Page, MySpace Page, Photo Site, Video Channel and Foundation/Charity.

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