Posted by: cindystephenson | October 9, 2008

More on our trip to New York

We crammed a lot into our nine days in New York – typically setting off from our Brooklyn B&B after breakfast and returning late that evening – often after midnight. I don’t know how long we could have kept this up. There’s so much to see and do however,  that it’s difficult to slow down the pace.

Some overall impressions

  • On paper, the size of NYC is a bit deceiving – we found it always took much longer to get anywhere than we estimated when looking at a map
  • NYC is a true melting pot – we heard people conversing with each other in many different languages
  • the subway, bus and train system in NYC are easy to navigate – not hard to understand and generally pretty safe
  • New Yorkers are very friendly, and when we were caught looking at maps, several stopped to offer us directions

Restaurants – Brooklyn’s Smith Street has some nice cafes and wine bars which we visited on the way back to our nearby B&B,  and Manhattan’s Restaurant Row offered some good dining choices before going to the theatre. Thanks to Mayor Bloomberg it’s also pretty easy to get a healthy meal as he has mandated that restaurants post the number of calories beside menu items. And there are some great salad bar chains such as Pax.

Shopping – it’s been said that a woman can never own too many shoes. Saks Fifth Avenue shoe department is a must see – most of their shoes are at least $500, with many up priced at $800 and up. The service is exceptional and the place was packed.  We also checked out Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s. Time ran out before I could get to Century 21.

Tours – We took a 3-hour Circle Line boat cruise around Manhattan, as well as double-decker bus tours of uptown, midtown and downtown.

Central Park – This is an 843 acre natural retreat smack in the middle of Manhattan, with 58 miles of winding pedestrian paths. Walking through the park, I felt the trails would go on forever, and the park is full of interesting photo opportunities.

Yankee Stadium – This is the last year for Yankee Stadium – the House the Babe Ruth Built – a new stadium will open across the street next season. We took in a couple of games on the Yankee’s last home weekend.

Other suggestions while you’re in New York City?

St. Patrick’s Cathedral – the largest Roman Catholic cathedral in the United States.

Grand Central Terminal – so much more than a train and subway station – this is one of the most magnificent  public spaces in the city.

Rockefeller Center – a central gathering spot for visitors and New Yorkers alike.

Brooklyn Bridge – walking the Brooklyn Bridge offers stunning views of Lower Manhattan, and a great change of pace.

More photos?? Please check out my New York photostream on Flickr.

And that’s how we spent some of September. Now it’s over to you. When was your last vacation and where did you go?


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