Posted by: cindystephenson | September 12, 2008

Re-connecting with friends through social media

I haven’t done the best job of keeping in touch with friends I met in high school.

Some of that may have to do with my family picking up and moving from Montreal to Santiago Chile in the summer following my grade nine year.

My dad had been offered a position with the United Nations Development Program to head up the design and construction of a metallurgical research centre. (Chile had the largest open pit copper mine in the world … but I digress). We were excited about the chance of moving to South America, but I couldn’t breathe a word of it to my friends until everything was final. Of course that took several months. It all came together after school had let out for the summer.

This was 1969 – well before e-mail, Skype, ICQ and MySpace – which meant I couldn’t easily let everybody know. I wrote letters for awhile, but gradually over time lost contact with my former classmates.

I returned to Canada a few years later for university, but to UBC on the west coast. I never moved back to Montreal.

Scroll ahead 35 or so years…

With the help of Facebook, I’ve started to renew some high school ties. (The fastest growing demographic on Facebook these days are 35 – 50 year olds.) I also learned that my former classmates at Mount Royal High had a reunion a few years ago. Here’s where Flickr comes in. They’d formed a group on Flickr and I was able to see the photos everyone had posted to the group.


My friend Melanie is in this picture, second from the left.

When you connect with people you haven’t seen in years, and feel as if you can just pick up where you left off — that’s pretty neat. It’s a time to laugh, to reflect and to share. And to appreciate the strong bond that continues.

To my fellow students at Mount Royal High, it was wonderful looking through your photos … Cindy Stephenson nee:Cooper

Feel free to post a comment to the blog … and don’t hesitate to let me know if you’re ever in Victoria.

Photo credit: John Woolfrey (pictured on left)


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