Posted by: cindystephenson | August 6, 2008

PRWeek’s Blog Competition

PR Week Magazine (US Edition) is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary this year. As part of their celebration, they have launched a friendly competition to select a top pr-focussed blog.

Staff at PR Week pre-selected 16 of their favourite blogs, and then asked each of those bloggers to select another blog to include in the competition, for a total of 32 blogs. I’ve linked to many of these blogs in my blog roll. I hasten to say that all of these are worth checking out and subscribing. It’s an impressive list.

The single-elimination tournament will take place over the next five weeks. It consists of 16 first-round contests, each of which pits two blogs against each other. Whichever blog gets the most votes will move onto the next round, to face another blog that received more votes than its competitor in the first round. This will continue through subsequent rounds until one blog is left.

You can find out more about about the competition and vote on your the blogs here.

I’ve listed and linked to each of the blogs here:

All of these blogs have much to offer. Feel free to follow the links and check them out. And of course there are many other “must reads” as well. What are your favourite blogs?



  1. Thanks for writing about the competition; it should be fun for the most part.

    FYI, my details about the blog are in my bio on the site itself.

  2. Wow, I have to admit that I was shocked to be nominated, but I think that it is a great showcase of some of the talent out there. Thanks for letting everyone know about it. After 5 weeks we might all be a little tired of it. Since I am up against Richard Edelman, I think that I will just enjoy having being able to say that I was nominated, lol.

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