Posted by: cindystephenson | May 31, 2008

What’s the big deal about Twitter?


None of my family or personal friends are on Twitter. Neither are any of the PR folk I deal with on a regular basis at work. Most do not see the benefit.


I often wonder if other PR professionals experience the same thing.


Todd Defren of PR-Squared fame offers some pretty compelling reasons why those of us in PR should try it (Get into Twitter or get outta public realtions?) It’s a good post and he convinced me.


I checked out the BIg Juicy Twitter Book by Caroline Middlebrook.


And since signing on to this free service, I’ve discovered some pretty neaat uses for Twitter, from a PR perspective. It strikes me that if you have friends or clients who don’t see the point, you might suggest the following as potential benefits of Twitter:


  1. By tracking keywords, such as the name of your company, you can monitor what customers or competitors are saying about you. If it’s a potential issue or query, you can jump in and address it early on. They’ll be impressed.
  2. It’s a quick way to find out what people are saying right now on a particular topic. This is a good way to find out what’s really current on a particular topic – particularly interesting if it’s a breaking news story. It’s also a good way to get links to the latest blog posts on a particular topic.
  3. You can follow key influencers or thought leaders in business, marketing, and politics – people often share personal insights and it’s an interesting way to get to know them. THen if you do meet them at a conference for example, you know a bit about their interests and it might help you strike up a conversation.
  4. You can establish potential business connections – respected bloggers will sometimes ask via Twitter if anyone is interested in taking something on – editing a report, for example – or they’ll ask if anyone has info on a particular topic. If you’ve got an answer, it’s your chance to stand up and get noticed.

What about you – if you’re on Twitter, what is it you like about it? Have you found it useful? Has it helped you with clients? 




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